Hope for forestry! Trust for people. dissemination of forestry techologies and system quality management of forest products
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A specialized institution that creates new future value for the forestry sector, and provides the best forestry services.

What is Korea Forestry Promotion Institute?

Founded in January 26, 2012, KoFPI is a semigovernment agency that has the mission not only of promoting the commercialization and industrialization of forestry technologies but also of ensuring a better livelihood for people engaged in forestry, through creating new high value added products.

What are KoFPI's major activities?

Create forestry income through the improved utilization of Korea's forests!

Provide systematic quality and distribution control of forest produce!

Support the industrialization of the forestry sector through the distribution of new technologies!

Develop the sixth industrialization of the forestry through convergence!

Build a creative economy that will lead the national economy! KoFPi is working to achieve these goals.